Colonial Dutch Ceramics- Fort Orange, NY

Colonial Dutch Ceramics on American Artifacts Blog

Excerpt- The New York State Museum has announced the acquisition of over 100,000 archaeological artifacts from Fort Orange and Schuyler Flatts, documenting Dutch and early English settlement of the Albany area in the 17th century.

Archaeological excavations in the early 1970s under the direction of Dr. Paul Huey resulted in the recovery of 36,000 artifacts from Fort Orange and over 80,000 artifacts from Schuyler Flatts. Among the thousands of artifacts recovered are everyday items such as ceramic plates, tobacco pipes, drinking glasses, firearm parts, and food remains.

Fort Orange was established along the Hudson River near present-day Albany by the Dutch West India Company in 1624. The fort was the first permanent settlement in New Netherland and was well-situated to take advantage of the lucrative beaver pelt trade.

Read more about the history behind New York State Museum’s acquisition on The New York History Blog

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