Best of Last Week: September 25–29, 2017

Let’s take a look back at the interesting stories behind last week’s featured artifacts. Sites in Nevada and Virginia showed evidence of 19th century production, and sometimes re-use, of common nails. A partial ironstone plate is both decorative and educational with rim reliefs of the alphabet and a transfer-printed fable. More relief work is seen on a turn-of-the-century milk glass mug from Shawnee National Forest. Our final feature is sherd sample with mixed pastes. Although the vessel was found at a site in Kentucky, the clay may have been transported from Tennessee. Click images below to learn more about these artifacts.

1. Milk Glass Mug- Shawnee National Forest, IL 

Milk Glass Mug on American Artifacts Blog
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2. Recycled Building Materials- Beaver Creek Trail Crossing, NE 

Recycled Building Materials on American Artifacts Blog
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3. Historic Artifacts- Fredericksburg, VA 

Historic Artifacts on America Artifacts Blog
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4. Clay Vessel- Jonathan Creek, KY 

Clay Vessel on American Artifacts Blog
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5. Alphabet Plate- Nova Scotia, Canada 

Alphabet Plate on American Artifacts Blog
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