Moundville Engraved Vessel (3D)- Tuscaloosa, AL

Moundville 3D

Excerpt from Catalog:

“RLA Model of the Week”: Moundville Engraved, var. Cyprus bottle
Location: Moundville, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
Period: Mississippian.
Material: ceramic.
Dimensions: height, 17.5 cm; diameter, 17.1 cm.

Notes: Excavated in 1978 by C. Margaret Scarry north of Mound R. Published in Vincas P. Steponaitis, Vernon J. Knight, Jr., George E. Lankford, Robert V. Sharp, and David H. Dye (2011), “Iconography of the Thruston Tablet,” in Visualizing the Sacred: Cosmic Visions, Regionalism, and the Art of the Mississippian World, edited by George E. Lankford, F. Kent Reilly III, and James F. Garber, fig. 7.25 (University of Texas Press).

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