Best of Last Week: October 16-20, 2017


The art(ifact) is in the details! Last week’s objects were the best examples of craftsmanship, whether by hand or machine. A stamped, 20th century railroad nail marks the year when lines were laid in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, 19th century ceramicists experimented with chemical reactions to create vividly blurred dinning ware. Prehistoric pottery makers complimented functional wares with elaborate motifs. A Mississippian vessel from Moundville demonstrates the integration of engraved patterns and color. In Iowa, however, Archaeologists find an fragment with possibly the earliest example of glazed ceramics. The Glenwood Culture managed to create, mix and apply a red slip that has endured thousands of years of being buried in the ground. Click the images below to see original posts.


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1. Railroad Nail- Indiana, PA

Railroad Nail on American Artifacts Blog
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2. Moundville Engraved Vessel (3D)- Tuscaloosa, AL

Moundville Engraved Vessel on American Artifacts Blog
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3. Floware Ceramics- Ontario, Canada

Floware Ceramics on American Artifacts Blog
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4. Prehistoric Red Slipped Pottery- Mills County, IA

Prehistoric Red Slipped Pottery on American Artifacts Blog
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