Best of Last Week: November 6-10

Nov W2

Last week featured the “odds” and ends of American history. Iowan archaeologists discover prehistoric evidence of collapsed pottery from the Great Oasis Culture period.  A Florida site preserved the handle of a 20th-century souvenir spoon. The spoon featured a pressed image of the Capitol Building on the wings of a soaring eagle.  Meanwhile, in Alberta, Canada, a member of the First Nations saw visions of bison on a prehistoric biface. Other, less odd artifacts included a partial Hohokom bowl from Arizona and 28 recovered musket balls from the Natchez Revolt in Mississippi.

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1. Red-on-Buff Ware- Phoenix, AZ

Red-on-Buff Ware on America Artifacts Blog
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2. Musket Balls- Natchez, MS

Musket Balls on American Artifacts Blog
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3. Collapsed Woodland Pottery- Cowen Site, IA

Collapsed Woodland Pottery on American Artifacts Blog

4. Souvenir Spoon- Ybor City, FL

Souvenir Spoon on American Artifacts Blog
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5. Bison Biface- Alberta, Canada

Bison Biface on American Artifacts Blog
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