Embalming Fluid Bottle- Tuscon, AZ


Excerpt- Scattered about in the interior of the coffin were 11 embalming fluid bottles, discarded by workers from a funeral home hired to exhume the burials. Each was embossed THE EMBALMERS SUPPLY CO. WESTPORT, CONN., along with graduated markings that allowed the embalmers to determine how much fluid to use. Exhumed burials within the Court Street Cemetery almost always have human bones left behind. Why was this the case? The men hired to do the work had to dig down to locate the coffin, which was sometimes inside a wooden box. After breaking open the box, if present, and the coffin, they then had to remove human remains. The work was conducted mostly in the late spring and summer of 1915. It was hot, the monsoon season was starting, and the men were often six feet down inside a hastily dug hole with dirt threatening to collapse on them. Some of the burials were only a decade old and the remains may have been mummified or decomposing. It was almost certainly a horrible task and it is not surprising that complete remains were not collected.

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