Best of Last Week: Dec. 4 – 8, 2017

Dec W1

We opened last week with a hard lesson in chipped stone. Tree Time Archaeology featured a series of posts about lithic analysis including one that defined the term, debitage. Also in Canada, Ontario archaeologists find a 19th century advertisement in a peculiar place- on the handle of a toothbrush.

The remainder of the week showcased two pots and a bag. A woven seed bag from a  Arkansas site was dated to AD 20 and still contained its seeds. Meanwhile in Florida, conservationist recently 3D scanned an elongated bowl that predates colonialism. Finally, Boston Archaeology released previews of their work from the Industrial School of Girls, which revealed a mended chamber pot with matching lid.

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1. Debitage- Alberta, Canada

Debitage on American Artifacts Blog
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2. 19th Century Toothbrush- Ontario, Canada

19th Century Toothbrush on American Artifacts Blog
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3. Prehistoric Seed Bag- Edens Bluff, AR

Prehistoric Seed Bag on American Artifacts Blog
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4. Elongated Bowl (3D)- Tallahassee, FL

Elongated Bowl (3D) on American Artifacts Blog
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5. Chamber Pot- Boston, MA

Chamber Pot on American Artifacts Blog
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