“STERLING” Bucket-Fremont, WY




This historic metal bucket was found in Fremont County at the Olge 5 site (48FR1185), a multicomponent archaeological site in the middle of Wyoming with both prehistoric and historic artifacts. Historic artifacts that were important for dating the site and that were considered “rare” were collected, including this bucket. Upon reviewing the collected historic artifacts, such as tools and bones, it was determined that this site was once a sheepherder’s camp, either in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. This metal pail was one of the largest artifacts found at this site and is marked with the word “STERLING,” which could help trace the manufacturing origin of this bucket. Other important tools on this site including a salt can, tobacco can, and milk can were also collected. In what ways do you think that this bucket could have been used at the camp?

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20th Century Light Bulbs- UMass Boston, MA

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